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As such, these source files are meant for educational purposes only, and any other use of these files is strictly prohibited unless explicitly authorized by me. PLEASE don't let me find these files being used for commercial purposes - or in another person's gallery/demoreel - or anything else unauthorized and unethical like that. I'd like to continue sharing source files with the CG community, but if I see it getting overly abused then I'll probably become inclined to stop sharing future projects, so please respect my work and wishes. Likewise, if you see these files being used in any of the ways mentioned above, please notify me through my name and website : © Gregory Stark - www.gregory-stark.com

Thank you - Greg

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The Blind Tiger [.OBJ - 15mo .RAR]
Boy of Silence From Bioshock Infinite® [.OBJ - 86mo .RAR]
Electro From The Amazing Spiderman 2ᵀᴹ [.ZTL - 106mo .RAR]